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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grand Opening of the Lake Creek Store

The Lake Creek Store

July 24th 2009 was a historical day with the grand opening of the 2009 Lake Creek Store. A robust speech from Garland and a ribbon cutting by Betty Knoebel and Gregg Grissom the store was open for business. Two tee shirts and two beers were the first purchases made by Dave Thompson. With what was a beautiful day , most moved across the street to the park for a BBQ that was put on as a fund raiser for the Historical Society. Thanks to all that came to be and experience this grand event! Guy Grissom with father Gregg (workers on the store)
waiting for the ribbon cutting
Garland and Donald

"What is my sister up to now?" brother Frank

Garland makes a speech

Cut and we are open for business!
Betty & Gregg getting ready

Ice Cream Parlor

inside the store

A large mural out side of the store and beautiful prints for sale inside

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